Parking/Ground Transportation


Park on site at the Niagara Falls International Airport and enjoy convenient access to the terminal. Parking at the Niagara Falls airport is only $13 per day with a 7 day weekly max rate of only $78. Parking fees are to be paid upon entry to the lot.

Clearance into the parking lot #1 (closest to the terminal) is restricted to a maximum vehicle height of 6' 2". Examples of vehicles that will not clear the overhead barrier are a GMC Yukon, Mid-size Hummer and a Ford Expedition.

There are additional lots where parking is available for vehicles of any height.

Cell Phone Lot

To assist people waiting to pick up inbound passengers the airport has a convenient cell phone lot.

The lot is located just south of the entrance to the main lot in front of the new terminal. It provides free parking for up to two hours. People may wait in their vehicles until they receive a call on their cell phone informing them their passengers are ready to be picked up in front of the terminal or it allows them to park and walk to the terminal.

There are designated parking spaces that allow for up to two hours of free parking to accommodate "meet and greet" patrons.

Electric Car Charging

Charge your electric vehicle for free at Niagara Falls International Airport. Two charging stations are available in Parking Lot 1, directly in front of the terminal. Use based on availability.

Bus and Rail



(800) 872-7245
825 Depot Ave W, Niagara Falls, NY 14305

Greyhound CA

Greyhound CA

7:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Tickets through the Quality Hotel & Suite, 240 First St., N.F., NY 14303 (716-282-1212)


Rental Cars

The airport code is IAG, for on site rentals


If you have arranged for a pickup with a rideshare company (i.e. Uber or Lyft) exit terminal doors, turn right and follow signs to the designated pick up spots near the crosswalk to parking lot 2.