Flight Departures

Passengers can actively improve the security process by being ready prior to going through the checkpoint. Following these steps will help everyone get through the process faster:

Be sure that when making reservations you use the exact name that is shown on the ID you'll be using during the screening process.

Passengers who present a federal or state issued photo ID containing name, date of birth, gender, expiration date and a tamper-resistant feature that is free from evidence of tampering can expect to be expedited through the travel document checking process.

Passengers should remove their government issued photo ID from wallets, plastic holders and other carrying cases and present the ID along with their boarding pass at the start of the screening process. Hold on to the boarding pass until through the magnetometer, where it may need to be shown again.

Large liquids are banned from carry-on luggage. Remember the 3-1-1 rule for liquids, gels and aerosols at the checkpoint. Click on the TSA link below for complete details.

Laptops must be taken out of their cases and placed in a separate bin for X-ray.

Removing footwear for X-ray screening is required. Wearing footwear that can be easily removed helps speed the process. Please also place your jackets and sweaters in the bin.