To the west of the terminal building are the general aviation itinerant apron, Fixed Based Operator building/hangar, airport administration building and service vehicle garage. The itinerant apron provides parking for transient and FBO aircraft.

A second general aviation area (the west ramp) is located west of the Runway 6 threshold. This area contains hangars and tie downs for based aircraft and aviation organizations. Current plans include additional apron space for GA Hangar construction. Presently, there are eight conventional hangers, 14 “nested” T-Hangars, 55 tie downs and 17 conventional hangar buildings of various sizes on site. All aircraft hangars in this area are privately owned and constructed over paved apron area. With the recent expansion of this area, paved (concrete) tie downs are now available for over 60 aircraft.

Hangers for sale:

  • 2000 sq. ft. Doug Schenk Contact info: (716) 579-5739
  • 2000 sq. ft. Richard Volker Contact info: (716) 713-3904
  • 2000 sq. ft. Dennis Smith Contact info: airbaby22@yahoo.com
  • 1428 sq. ft. Lee Ellis Contact info: (289) 455-8810
  • 1302 sq. ft. Kevan Thompson Contact info: (716) 949-8716
  • 2465 sq. ft. Stephen Barnes Contact info: (716) 867-2020
  • 1302 sq. ft. Stephen Barnes Contact info: (716) 867-2020

Hangers for lease:

  • 1150 sq. ft. @ $325/month Tim Boldt, Director of FBO Services, Calspan Contact info: (716)-298-9307